一、集团简介(Group Profile)
SKYRIA GROUP INC is a health and technology industry investment company that involves the bird's nest industry chain, technology, heavy industry, agriculture, finance, healthcare, real estate, cultural tourism, jewelry, art, charity, daily chemical and other fields. As an international luxury goods company, Skyria Group owns the international brand such as EGF®, Interstellar spacecraft®, NGF®, Tianzhiyanyu®, LJ OPHIRZBAO®, Tianhezhuchuang®, SKYRIA®, Hidden Base ENGEDI®, and STARSHIP®.

Headquartered in Rockefeller Center, New York, USA, Skyria Group has been published multiple times in People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency. Having received attention from mainstream international media, it has been reported by Nasdaq, Reuters, World Journal, Overseas Chinese News, Sing Tao Daily, UK Global News Agency, etc. The service transformation system with health and technology as the core has been established by Skyria Group. It is a mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development platform built with "health and technology" projects as the medium, "art and culture" as the link, and "trade and investment" as the bridge. It has won honors both domestically and internationally. Through the development and cooperation of a series of "health and technology" projects at home and abroad, Skyria Group propels the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. The group optimizes global resources, adopts investments, acquisitions, mergers and strategic cooperation, and completes the transformation and upgrading of new business formats, diversification, and industrial chains. Taking the industrial base as an entity experience, it uses internet channel operation, cultural media, blockchain and artificial intelligence, international clubs, financial capital and other comprehensive services to promote the transformation and upgrading of the original industry. Skyria Group has been practicing the business model of "a service transformation system centered on health and technology" for seven years. On November 6, 2020, it was listed in the "Hurun Report" Youth Industrial Leaders. 天织燕语集团(SKYRIA GROUP INC)是健康与科技的产业投资公司。涉及燕窝产业链、科技、重工、农业、金融、医疗、房地产、文旅、珠宝、艺术、慈善、日化等领域。天织燕语(SKYRIA)集团是国际奢侈品公司,旗下拥有国际品牌:EGF®、星际飞船®、NGF®、天织燕语®、LJ OPHIRZBAO®、天合筑创®、SKYRIA®、隐基底ENGEDI®、STARSHIP®等。
天织燕语集团总部位于美国纽约洛克菲勒中心,多次被刊登于《人民日报》、《新华社》;也深受国际主流媒体的关注,被《纳斯达克》、《路透社》、《世界日报》、《侨报》、《星岛日报》、《英国全球新闻社》等报道。 天织燕语集团自成的以健康与科技为核心的服务转型体系, 是通过以“健康与科技”项目为媒介,以“艺术与文化”为纽带,以“贸易与投资”为桥梁构建的互利合作、共赢发展的平台,在国内外获都获得殊荣。
天织燕语集团实践“以健康与科技为核心的服务转型体系”的商业模式,实战七年之久,于2020年11月6日,上榜《胡润百富》·青年产业领袖。 二、发展历程(Development History) In 2013, the bird's nest market in Chinese Mainland was in a stage of great change, and Skyria Group took bird's nest as a medium to officially enter China. In 2014, Skyria Group started to explore the business model of constructing a service transformation system centered on health and technology. In 2016, Skyria Group launched integrated cooperation with real estate projects at home and abroad, covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America. In 2017, Skyria Group Global Brand Launch Conference was held in Los Angeles, USA, which proposed important business models and concepts such as "transformation and upgrading of original industries", "diversified and integrated industries", "full industry ecological chain", and "integration of health and technology". In 2017, Skyria Group was listed in Times Square, New York, NASDAQ, and Reuters. In 2018, Skyria Group launched the unveiling ceremony of the Skyria Bird's Nest section on Wall Street in New York, USA. In 2019, Skyria Group held the "2019 Miss Chinese World Final is in North America" as the organizer and overall title at Hempstead House on Long Island, New York, USA. In 2019, Skyria Group hosted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Luxury Future Development Fashion Forum in New York, USA. In 2019, Skyria Group became the first bird's nest brand to apply blockchain technology and held a press conference on Wall Street in New York, USA. In 2019, the representatives of Skyria Group met with California Governor Gavin Newsom. In 2019, Skyria's cross-border involvement in the art industry helped promote the diversified international development of Chinese art and culture. In 2019, the representatives of Skyria Group attended the 74th United Nations High Level Conference held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. In 2021, Skyria General Sponsored and Co-hosted the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN. Skyria Group regarded "promotion of Chinese culture" as a mission, and worked together with the United Nations (New York headquarters) to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In 2021, Skyria Group was invited to participate in the "20 Years of WTO Accession Program" of Oriental TV. Through live interviews, it showcased how Chinese high-end manufacturing could help global development and make contributions to China. In 2023, Skyria Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Hainan, China for the Boao Lecheng Advanced Medical Technology Transformation Center (AMTTC). In 2023, Skyria Group, along with Beijing Capital International Airport, Alibaba Group, China Gold, National Energy Group and other enterprises, was selected as an authoritative national level platform in China and became a member unit of the China Brand Building Promotion Association. 2013年 中国大陆燕窝市场正处在大变革阶段,天织燕语以燕窝为媒介正式进入中国。 2014年 天织燕语开始探索构建“以健康与科技为核心的服务转型体系”的商业模式。 2016年 天织燕语集团开展与海内外房地产项目的融合合作,脚步遍及东南亚、中东、欧美等地。 2017年 天织燕语全球品牌发布会在美国洛杉矶举行,提出“原产业转型升级”、“产业多元一体化”、“全产业生态链”、“健康与科技融合”等重要商业模式和理念。 2017年 天织燕语集团荣登美国纽约时代广场纳斯纳克、路透社。 2018年 天织燕语集团在美国纽约华尔街启动天织燕语燕窝板块上市揭牌仪式。 2019年 天织燕语集团以主办方、总冠名在美国纽约长岛“汉普斯特城堡” (Hempstead House) 举办“2019世界华裔小姐北美总决赛”。 2019年 天织燕语集团在美国纽约主办“联合国可持续发展目标暨奢侈品未来发展时尚论坛”。 2019年 天织燕语集团成为全球首个应用区块链科技的燕窝品牌,在美国纽约华尔街举办新闻发布会。 2019年 天织燕语集团代表与美国加州州长Gavin Newsom会晤。 2019年 天织燕语跨界涉及艺术行业,助力中国艺术文化多元化国际性发展。 2019年 天织燕语集团代表出席联合国纽约总部召开的“第74届联合国最高级别会议”。 2021年 天织燕语总冠名、联合主办《2021联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛》。天织燕语将“弘扬华夏文化”视为使命担当,携手联合国(纽约总部)所属单位以此支持联合国17项可持续发展目标。 2021年 天织燕语集团受邀参加东方卫视“(WTO)入世20年栏目专访”,通过直播专访,展现中国高端制造如何助力全球发展,做出中国贡献。 2023年 天织燕语集团与“中国海南博鳌乐城国际医疗旅游先行区”签署“博鳌乐城先进医学科技转化中心(AMTTC)战略合作协议”。 2023年 天织燕语集团与北京首都国际机场、阿里巴巴集团、中国黄金、国家能源集团等企业入选中国权威国家级平台,成为中国品牌建设促进会理事单位。 三、创始人信息(Founder Information) In 2017, Kyria, the founder and CEO of Skyria, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur in the United States" by the Mayor of Los Angeles. In 2017, Kyria, the founder and president of Skyria, delivered a speech as the producer of the Hollywood Star International Brand Launch in Los Angeles. In 2018, Liu Chengwei, founder and chairman of Skyria Group, was invited to participate in the first US China Israel Cross-border Cooperation Forum and Washington Science and Technology Investment Dialogue held in Washington. Together with the American Jewish Association (AJC), they advocated for technological innovation and cross-border cooperation in line with current business trends. In 2018, Kyria, the founder and CEO of Skyria, met with US President Donald Trump. In 2019, Kyria, the founder and CEO of Skyria, joined the United Nations embassy as the organizer of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Luxury Future Development Fashion Forum at Hempstead Castle in New York. In 2019, Kyria, the founder and president of Skyria, was awarded the title of "Top Ten Female Entrepreneurs of Chinese Brand Influence". In 2019, Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, responded to the Chinese proposal of the Chinese Dream at the United Nations headquarters in New York and began deploying South South cooperation, and established the Skyria Group's "Good Business Team" international club. In 2019, Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, was honored as one of the "Top Ten Outstanding Leaders of China's Economic Influence Year". In 2019, Liu Chengwei, chairman of Skyria, was invited to be the keynote speaker of Andrew Yang, the 2020 US presidential candidate, and delivered a keynote speech during his presidential campaign. That same year, renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk also publicly announced on Twitter that he supported Yang's candidacy for US president. In 2020, Liu Chengwei, the founder of Skyria Group, was listed in the "Hurun Report" Young Industrial Leaders in 2020. 2017年 天织燕语创始人/集团总裁Kyria被洛杉矶政府市长授予“在美杰出企业家”。 2017年 天织燕语创始人/总裁Kyria以洛杉矶好莱坞明星国际品牌发布会”出品人发表演讲。 2018年 天织燕语创始人/集团董事长刘成伟受邀参加在华盛顿开展的首届“美、中、以——跨界合作论坛暨华盛顿科技投资对话”,并与全美犹太人协会(AJC)齐力呼吁符合当下商业趋势的科技技术创新与跨境合作。 2018年 天织燕语创始人/总裁Kyria与美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)会见。 2019年 天织燕语创始人/总裁Kyria在纽约汉普斯特(Hempstead)城堡以“联合国可持续发展目标及奢侈品未来发展时尚论坛”主办方身份携手联合国大使团参会。 2019年 天织燕语创始人/总裁Kyria荣膺“中国品牌影响力人物·十大巾帼企业家”。 2019年 天织燕语董事长刘成伟在联合国纽约总部,响应中国领导提出的中国梦,并开始部署南南合作,并设立天织燕语集团“善商流”国际俱乐部。 2019年 天织燕语董事长刘成伟荣膺“中国经济影响力年度十大杰出领袖”。 2019年 天织燕语董事长刘成伟受邀成为2020美国总统候选人杨安泽(Andrew Yang)的主讲嘉宾,并在杨安泽竞选总统活动中发表了主旨演讲,同年著名企业家埃隆·马斯克在推特上也公开宣布支持杨安泽竞选美国总统。 2020年 天织燕语集团创始人刘成伟上榜《胡润百富》,成为2020胡润百富青年产业领袖。 四、企业荣誉(Corporate Honors) Outstanding Contribution Award for American Enterprises in 2017 The US Food Safety Award in 2017 Top 10 Most Influential Leading Enterprises in Chinese Bird's Nest Brand Industry in 2019 "Hurun Report" · Young Industrial Leaders in 2020 Director Unit of China Council for Brand Development in 2023 2017在美企业杰出贡献奖 2017美国食品安全奖 2019中国燕窝品牌行业最具影响力十大领军企业 2020胡润百富·青年产业领袖 2023中国品牌建设促进会理事单位 五、企业文化(Group Culture) Corporate Culture: Tian Cheng Shan Dao, Xi Zhong Hua Cheng. Moral: It is created by heaven, do what is right; The inheritance of the Chinese culture brings joy to all hearts. 企业文化:天成善道 禧众华承 寓意:上苍所成,善道为之;华夏传承,众心皆禧。 六、大中华区域公司(Greater China Regional Company) Head office: Skyria Group Inc Companies in Greater China: Skyria (Hainan) Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Commercial Management Co., Ltd., Yingle (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Skyria (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd., etc. 总公司:天织燕语集团